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A Company You Can Call Home

Driving for BCP means becoming part of the BCP family. Owner-operators are a valued part of the BCP team. We show it by paying attention to your preferences and doing all we can to make sure you’re satisfied driving for us. Check out the BCP advantages:

  • 100% of outbound freight is customer direct (and 70% of our back-haul freight is too)
  • Competitive percentage of line haul
  • 100% fuel surcharge
  • Pull new BCP trailers equipped with aerodynamic side skirts to improve your fuel efficiency
  • No rental charge on trailers
  • Fuel tax reporting
  • Weekly settlements
  • In-house repair shop available for you
  • Take advantage of fuel discounts we’ve negotiated with major truck stops
  • Option for non-trucking/physical damage insurance liability coverage through BCP
  • Full 24/7 access to the Flip Side, our driver-exclusive lounge and facilities

How Are We Performing for You?

Every quarter at BCP, we take a close look at how we’re doing running you. You get a performance report that goes over measurements like miles run, total revenue to your truck, and revenue per hub mile. We also go over your fuel economy and show you where you fit with the average for all of our owner-operators.

If you’re numbers go down anywhere, we dig in to understand why. We do all this to answer an important question: Is there anything we can do to improve your performance? That’s what we’re really after. We want you running as successfully as you can because when that happens, everyone benefits.

Got questions?

Call us at 608.764.2016 or
email us at safety@bcptrans.com

“I’ve been an OTR driver/owner-operator for over 28 years. I bounced from company to company for a long time, always looking for that elusive perfect company that would have long miles, know you by your first name and not a number, that would care about you and your family, that would have excellent pay and new equipment, that would treat you with the respect and consideration that we OTR drivers deserve.

That company is BCP Transportation. I’ll carry their name from coast to coast with pride until I’m ready to retire. Life’s good at BCP!”

—Jose Santos

Check out the Flip Side!

Your very own driver-exclusive lounge and facility. It’s BCP’s way of showing how much we value you!

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