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Being Green Means Being Fuel-efficient and More…

At BCP Transportation, we’re proud of our commitment to the environment and are always on the lookout for smart approaches to reducing fuel and energy costs.

BCP is SmartWay-certified. We participate in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay program, a market-based public-private partnership that’s designed to encourage strategies that reduce carbon emissions in the freight transportation industry.

Our overall efforts to be an environmentally friendly company are focused on technologies and efficiencies that improve miles per gallon (MPG), thus reducing the CO2 emissions for every mile traveled. Highlights of our environmental efforts include:


  • Monitoring and tracking our entire fleet for MPG and idling times
  • Installing trailer side skirts and tails for improved aerodynamics and better MPG
  • Implementing speed management policies to limit maximum speed for drivers and improve fuel efficiency
  • Adding APUs (auxiliary power units) to reduce truck idling and diesel fuel use, as well as gain better MPG
  • Developing backhauls to reduce empty miles driven
  • Purchasing new tractors as needed with regulation-compliant engines that reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 50%
  • Using SmartWay-approved tires that reduce rolling resistance, thus improving MPG
  • Retrofitting warehouse and office lights with energy-efficient T8 lighting and motion sensors

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