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Full-Service Trucking: We’re Ready When You Need Us

Safe and timely delivery of your freight is crucial for keeping your business running smoothly. BCP Transportation never loses sight of that fact. From our main terminal in Deerfield, Wisconsin, just outside the capital city of Madison, BCP provides full-service trucking that focuses on giving you reliable freight delivery with outstanding drivers who care about keeping you satisfied.

We’re prepared to respond quickly to your needs, and we specialize in custom transportation services that go can go way beyond the ordinary.

What are your needs? Chances are good we can help! BCP offers . . .

  • over-the-road, regional, and local hauling (see below)
  • drop trailer services
  • freight tracking options
  • multi-stop truckloads
  • cross dock services
  • container unload and palletizing

100% Employee Owned

BCP is 100% employee owned. This means our employees take great care of our customers because each and every one of them is an owner at BCP. Each year employees on record as of September 30th who worked at least half the year and meet other requirements are allocated shares of the company. The value of the shares may increase each year. The value of the shares allocated to the employees each year is not taxable in that year. Employees do not pay taxes on the stock until they cash out at retirement or after leaving the company.

It allows those who are eligible, at no cost to them, to own a portion of the company they work for. This is a supplement to the company 401k plan and match offered to employees.

Over-the-road (OTR)

BCP’s OTR trucking services cover the lower 48. Want timely, competitively priced freight delivery you can count on again and again? Reliability, value, and good communication are our strengths. We’ve created an exceptional team of drivers and trucking strategists. That means we don’t just deliver freight—we deliver solutions.


BCP provides regional trucking services to support your Midwest area freight-hauling demands. We can respond quickly to your requests and meet your freight delivery needs with reliable trucking services based in southern Wisconsin. We also offer driver-assist services.


BCP’s local fleet serves the entire state of Wisconsin, as well as parts of Illinois and Minnesota. With our mid-sized local fleet and quick response time, we can save you money by reducing your inventory and giving you on-time service for just-in-time shipments. That means your freight can go from our trailers straight to production or from production straight to our trailers and directly to your customers. We also provide daily, weekly, and monthly dock sweeps. Short on trucks or drivers? BCP’s got you covered with our power-only hauling services.

Focused on fuel efficiency

As a SmartWay-certified trucking company, BCP takes fuel efficiency seriously. That creates lots of positives, including keeping your rates down. Since side skirts improve aerodynamics and gas mileage, we install them on all of our trailers and even do that at no cost for our owner-operator drivers. That’s just one of many strategies we use to be a more fuel-efficient trucking company. BCP also offers a special driver award program for fuel efficiency. When a driver gets 8 miles to the gallon for at least two consecutive quarters, he or she becomes a permanent member of The 8 Club. Learn more about our Green and Efficient efforts here.

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