Truck Drivers Wanted and Appreciated!

Truck Drivers Wanted and Appreciated!

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From our main terminal in Deerfield, Wisconsin, not far from the capital city of Madison, BCP hauls freight all over the lower 48. We’re looking for safe and reliable truck drivers ready to cover lots of miles. You’re the heartbeat of our company. That’s why we do our darnedest to take good care of you.

Family—it’s not a word we take lightly.

You’re more than a trucker to us. You’re part of the BCP family—and that extends to your own family. Need to be somewhere for family obligations? At BCP, we try to be as flexible as possible with your route and schedule.

Good equipment and the latest technology.

OTR drivers use new trucks and trailers, and BCP consistently rotates out older equipment. For our entire fleet, we focus on maintaining safe and reliable equipment,  keeping our drivers—and customers—happy. Trucks are equipped with FMCSA-compliant electronic logging devices. Driving for BCP also means you’ll enjoy features like the following:

  • Built-in refrigerators (now standard in new tractors)
  • Auxiliary power units (APUs)
  • 1500W power inverters
  • Automated transmission available
  • Truck wash program

Owner-operators are welcome here!

Check out what we offer our owner-operators.


  • An open door policy

    You won’t find standoffish management types here. We’re here to listen and help make your driver experience the best it can be. Come see us in the office any time. We ask just one thing: Bring your dog with you!

    Dispatchers available for you 24/7

    Problem, crisis, emergency? When you need help, you need help and it doesn’t matter when. That’s why we’re here for you 24/7.

  • Customer-direct freight

    100% of our outbound freight is customer direct, and nearly 70% of our back-haul freight is as well.

    In-house shop and maintenance team

    Got a problem with your truck? We’ve got the shop, tools, equipment, and mechanics right here.


The top 25% of our Company Drivers averaged $93,600 a year. The highest paid Company driver made $115,500

Driver Pay Package

Job Requirements

Driver Requirements:
  • Must be at least 23 years old
  • Minimum 2 years verifiable tractor-trailer driving experience
  • Motor vehicle record & work history showing high regard for safety
  • Compliance with FMCSA rules and regulations
  • Pass a pre-employment physical, drug test, & physical capacity evaluation

Drivers Apply Here

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The Benefits of Being a BCP Driver

  • Competitive pay
  • Mileage bonus for reefer and hazmat loads
  • Shares of the company are allocated annually
  • 401K retirement plan with company match
  • Health and dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Time off/vacation pay
  • Bonuses for driving safely and efficiently
  • Passengers allowed
  • Pets allowed
  • In-house repair shop
  • No slip-seating


Check out the Flip Side!

Your very own driver-exclusive lounge and facility. It’s BCP’s way of showing how much we value you! Read More

Go big red!

BCP proudly transports equipment for the Wisconsin Badgers football team.

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Doing a great job should be recognized.

For both employee drivers and owner-operators, BCP wants to say Thank you! We recognize exceptional driver performance with awards like these:

  • Recognition for violation-free DOT inspections with a $25 spot bonus
  • Go a year without an accident, incident, or DOT violation and you become a Safety Superstar.
  • When you get 8 miles to the gallon for at least two consecutive quarters, you become a permanent member of The 8 Club.
  • One outstanding driver each year is chosen for Driver of the Year.

An Efficient Application and Orientation Process.

From the moment you contact us, to the final steps of your orientation, you’ll be working with the same staff the whole time. BCP focuses on creating an efficient, personalized, and highly informative orientation process that takes about half a day. Online training is also available.

Over-the-Road (OTR) Division

BCP operates from a unique customer-direct, out-and-back model for freight hauling. That means you start from our terminal here in Deerfield, Wisconsin, pick your load up, head out with the customer freight and unload, and then head back to the terminal for another load. Think about it like this: You’ll know where you’re headed. We don’t send you into the unknown and bounce you around the country. As an OTR driver for BCP, you can expect to . . .

  • Have consistent routes
  • Get to know your customers well
  • Drive an average of +3,000 miles per week

We also update our fleet consistently, purchasing new equipment every year. And one more thing: we don’t slip-seat.

No matter where you live, you can drive for BCP.

Yes, we’re a Wisconsin-based carrier. But don’t let that throw you off. We haul freight all around the country. When you’re ready for some home time, we plan a route to get you there. So no matter where you’re located, don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to hear from you.

Your route preferences matter.

Don’t like the mountains? Looking to see the Pacific Northwest? Can’t stand driving on the East Coast? That stuff matters to us! We listen to what you want and do all we can to keep you happy with your routes.

Regional Division

BCP’s regional drivers haul customer-direct freight around the Midwest. The average length per trip for regional drivers is around 600 miles. You’ll start out from our terminal in Deerfield, Wisconsin, and generally be home one to two nights per week.

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